Bilateral relations, the Middle East peace process and the situation in North Africa and the Middle East were discussed between Foreign Minister Markos Kyprianou and his Israeli counterpart Avigdor Lieberman.

Speaking after their meeting, Kyprianou said that he communicates frequently with Lieberman to discuss bilateral ties and issues of regional interest and importance.

“Relations between the two countries are at a very good level, both on political and economic fields, and we have recently had the visit of the President of the Republic of Cyprus to the state of Israel”, he said.

Kyprianou noted that during today’s meeting they had the opportunity to discuss and overview bilateral relations. “At the same time we touched upon regional developments, which are very important to both countries. We talked about the Middle East peace process and its prospects and developments in North Africa and other countries of the Middle East”, he added.

The Cypriot FM referred to a meeting with the Israeli FM and with several other European Foreign Ministers, which will take place in Limassol tomorrow. “We have tomorrow the opportunity with some other European colleagues to exchange views in a very informal way on various regional and international issues. This will be a possibility for us on the European side to hear a different perspective and have the opportunity to have an exchange of views with no agenda, no formalities”, he added.

In his remarks to the press, Lieberman said “we discussed our bilateral relations. We have a lot of issues on the bilateral agenda and I am happy for this”, adding that tourism and economic cooperation are on the agenda.

“We have enjoyed the historical visit of the President of Cyprus to Israel. We are really satisfied with our bilateral relations on a political level and on an economic level”, he added.

Lieberman said Israel is monitoring regional developments.

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