President Demetris Christofias, in an Easter message, notes that the Cyprus problem still remains unsolved and assures that ”we categorically reject partition” and that ”we devote all of our strength in order to achieve this solution, with commitment to the principles of a solution, and showing the necessary realism.”

”Our vision remains the achievement of a solution which will liberate us from the occupation, the colonization, and the partition. A solution that will reunite our homeland and our people, and that will safeguard the human rights and the basic freedoms of all of our people, within the framework of a bizonal, bicommunal federation,” he points out.

President Christofias says ”unity constitutes a basic prerequisite in order for us to be able to liberate Cyprus; for us to be able to deal with the policy of Turkey, which aims to upgrade the pseudostate and to render the division permanent.”

The President sends a message of optimism to the people of Cyprus that ”through our struggle and our efforts, we stand firm before the difficulties we face, and we create the conditions for better days to come” and that ”together, united, we can make it.”

”During these holy days our thoughts continue to be with the refugees, the enclaved people, the relatives of the missing persons. They continue to be with our ailing and unfortunate fellow human beings, with the unemployed, with all our fellow human beings who live under the poverty line and face difficulties. Our thoughts are with all those in need of the support, care and warmth of the state. To all those, we pledge that we will continue to be by their side,” he says.

He adds that ”a basic condition that will enable the state to continue to provide support to our fellow human beings, who need it the most, is to address the consequences of the world economic crisis.”

”It is, admittedly, a difficult task but it will not be in vain. Besides, we have, so far, succeeded in overcoming many difficulties and problems,” he notes.

President Christofias says that ”there are of course other problems as well.”

”We do not rest and neither do we abandon our efforts. On the contrary, we will continue, with the same seriousness and determination, the effort to address the consequences of the world economic crisis. We will continue to enhance development. We will continue to support the welfare state. We will continue to solve the structural problems of the economy that have accumulated through the decades,” he assures.

President Christofias notes that ”the economy is a national issue and everybody must address it as such,” adding that, ”during the difficult moments that Cyprus has experienced, our people have achieved much through unity, consensus and everybody’s contribution.”

”We can achieve this again now as long as we all continue the effort united, the Government, the House of Representatives, the political parties, and the social partners, without glamorization, without idealization, but also without nullification and without scare mongering,” he says.

Source: Cyprus Weekly

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