We will have rampant infections in the immediate future in case new measures to contain the spread of coronavirus, announced on Friday, are not observed, Leontios Kostrikis, Professor of Molecular Biology at the Department of Biological Sciences of the University of Cyprus, told CNA on Friday.
People need to comprehend the philosophy behind new measures and implement them fully, he added.
Kostrikis, who is also a member of the Ministry of Health’s scientific team, referred to the 25 cases announced on Friday, saying that the number is “undoubtedly very high.” He urged, however, people to be patient for another three or four days, to see the effects of the new measures that are in force since midnight. He expressed hope that measures will put a stop to developments witnessed in the last few days, especially in Limassol.
The Professor of Molecular Biology also said that there are a lot of active spots were the virus spreads and pointed to the results of random tests conducted in Limassol, in order to map the extent of local infections.
Asked if we are ahead of a second wave or if we are witnessing a resurgence, Kostrikis said that his personal evaluation was that there is a surge in Limassol, where infections are growing stronger. “It seems that there are many cases right now, with more than six chains of infection” he added.
Asked about the possibility of a lockdown in Limassol, if the area produces more cases, the Professor said that this possibility has not been discussed, although it was brought to the table. “This is one solution, but it is not among the probable solutions” we would opt for today, he concluded.

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