Statement concerning the current restrictions ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend:

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor, the Gold Commander, this Bank Holiday weekend, for the Met’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, said:“During the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend, officers will continue to patrol London and engage with the public to explain what restrictions are in place in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus through unnecessary group contact.

“We expect that members of the public will be going outside this weekend to enjoy open spaces alone, with members of their household or another member of a different household, but we ask that they respect the lockdown restrictions that are in place.

“We have been made aware of a number of proposed plans for gatherings this weekend and we can only reiterate the importance of sticking to the Government guidelines.

“Restrictions around activities that do not support social distancing remain the same, meaning that group sport, outdoor barbeques or parties, and other gatherings are still not permitted.

“Officers out on patrol this weekend will continue to encourage and support our communities to comply with the restrictions to reduce the risk to public health.

“We do not wish to use means of enforcement, but where deemed necessary, officers will take action against those that disregard restrictions and enforcement will be sought as a very last resort.

“The vast majority of the public have been adhering to the restriction set by the Government and we thank them for their continued efforts to observe the revised rules.”

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