easyJet will have to replenish the equity that it will lose with fresh equity. Loans do not solve the problem

Whilst any of the current 11 scoundrels are on the board, and the Airbus contract has not been cancelled, I am not giving them another penny of my money.
They will send our money to Airbus and then place the company in administration.

Our shares will become worthless if we don’t cancel the Airbus order

There is no business case to invest new money into easyJet unless the Airbus contract is cancelled

EasyJet is half of Gatwick’s traffic.

If Gatwick says that it will take them 3-4 years to get to the same passenger numbers, how can the easyJet scoundrels guide analysts to have forecasts out there with easyJet revenues and profits in 2021 being the same as 2019 ?

They are creating a false market in the stock

The UK taxpayer will not see their GBP600m back in March 2021 unless the Airbus contract is cancelled

The customers of easyJet who gave them GBP1 billion of their deposits for future flights will not see any of it back unless the Airbus contract is cancelled.

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  1. Nikolas Potsos says:

    Keep up the great job you are doing for so many years Stelios!!! 👏

  2. Marinella says:

    Keep your great job …

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