Authorities in Cyprus have announced that out of a total of 3,209 laboratory tests another eleven people have tested positive with COVID-19, with the total number of confirmed cases reaching 761.

On the basis of the Epidemiological Monitoring Unit, the new confirmed cases are 11 out of a total of 3,209 laboratory tests, a Ministry of Health press release says.

In particular, out of 1,391 tests completed today in the framework of a government funded programme of testing 20,000 professionals in the public and private sector, no-one tested positive.

Out of a total of 640 tests completed in the context of the tracing of contacts of people who have already tested positive, 3 people tested positive.

Out of a total of 181 tests from the Microbiology Laboratories of Cyprus’ General Hospitals no-one tested positive.

Out of a total of 526 laboratory tests on people who returned from abroad, one person tested positive.

Out of a total of 87 laboratory tests which were completed privately, 6 people tested positive.

At the same time, out of a total of 384 samples taken from employees in the State Health Services Organisation, one person tested positive.

In particular, the press release says, the person who tested positive works in the Pafos General Hospital’s Cleaning Department. The State Health Services Organisation is taking all necessary steps to disinfect the premises, it adds.

Regarding the 20,000 laboratory tests on professionals in the public and private sector, which have been ongoing, until today at 1600 hours local time (1300 GMT) a total of 7,890 laboratory tests had been completed.

On the basis of data so far, the total number of confirmed cases in Cyprus has reached 761, including ten cases in the British Bases on the island.

At the same time, until 1500 hours local time (1200 GMT), seventeen people were inpatients at Famagusta General Hospital which operates as the reference hospital for COVID-19. Three of them are treated in the increased care unit.

“All patients are in a good clinical state,” the Health Ministry’s press release reads, adding that two people were released from the hospital.

A total of nine patients are breathing with the help of a respirator, three are in the ICU of Limassol General Hospital and six are in the ICU of Nicosia General Hospital.  Another four patients are also treated in the two ICUs, one in Limassol and three in Nicosia, but are not intubated.

“The clinical state of all patients in the ICUs is for the time critical but stable,” the press release adds.

Additionally, another six people with COVID-19, are hospitalised in wards in other hospitals.


In the meantime, according to Ministry of Health data until April 16.pdf a total of 17 deaths were recorded of which 12 have COVID-19 as the cause.

A total of 29 people were hospitalised in ICU units, the equivalent of 3.9% of patients, while Cyprus completed 2,938.1 diagnostic tests per 100,000 residents.

In percentage terms, 50% of patients are women and 50% men, 68% of patients are aged 18 – 59 while 25% are 60 years-old

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