The number of COVID-19 tests being carried out every day by the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics is one of the highest worldwide in relation to the number of the population,  its Chief Executive Medical Director Leonidas Phylactou has told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA).

Phylactou said that due to the limited number of consumables in all countries tests must be carried out prudently. For the time being we have the necessary stock of supplies for the tests, he added.

He noted that up until now six thousand tests have been carried out, while new samples are taken at the Institute.

Phylactou said that they are carrying out 400-500 tests per day.

Phylactou, who is also the Greek Cypriot Co-chair of the bicommunal Technical Committee on Health said that they are in contact with the Turkish Cypriot side on a daily basis to address the coronavirus issue.

Furthermore he noted that they are currently trying make arrangements to meet the needs of Turkish Cypriots with regard to medicines.

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