In this day and age, even with all the technology of  cars, planes, home appliances and gadgets such as vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, electric saws, hedge trimmers etc, you would have thought these would make life easier and free up some time, yet for many it does not seem to be the case.

The demands and expectations at work seem to be longer hours in order to achieve a basic or even acceptable standard of living. The pressures of life are still heavy and strong but often different types. We still seem to run around like crazy and some people barely have or make time for themselves what with work and having families to look after. Although working is of course for us, be it working for a living or caring for family, it keeps the mind and body active which is good but all can of course be very stressful. Trying to achieve endless targets and goals through the day, week and month, can often take its toll. These pressures along with everyday living, can become too much when they all build up excessively in sync. For many people who cannot delegate any tasks to others or share the load to release some of the burden, the build-up can get dangerous and lead to all sorts of tiredness, anxiety and depression. This mental state also triggers and leads to all sorts of physical disorders. It is well known how stress can lead to panic attacks, stroke and heart problems, yet it is not till one experiences such that it reminds them to slow down and take life at a slower, more relaxed pace and enjoy life a little.

So as always we are advised of maintaining some balance in our life, so that we can function more efficiently and with some ease. The luxury of a holiday unfortunately may not be more than once a year for many, and people work endlessly in order to get away for the one trip. Is once a year really adequate to switch off and unwind from all the daily pressures? Of course not. So what can you do?

Having something to always look forward to is essential; it gives life and energy source by knowing there is something nice ahead, to plan and attend to go to in the not so distant future, where it can give you some enjoyment. Of course everyone’s enjoyment may be different. Time out by the beach in the sun, to some may be awful if they don’t like the sun or hot weather. A skiing trip or even a break by the sea or lake in the Spring may be more desirable. Each person has their own idea of what gives them pleasure and makes them happy.

However, that one holiday a year is not enough for real calm and relaxation. So let’s consider some thoughts and patterns in our life to create change for better well-being by creating regular relaxation for the mind and body. What can you do for you in order to unwind?

First work out what you enjoy doing and write a list of all things you love to do. The activities have to be what makes you happy and takes you into a mellow meditation state of mind. Is it sketching, painting, being creative with home crafts, reading, listening to music whilst baking something nice to eat, or going out and socialising with friends with food or drink?

When you have figured out all the things that give you pleasure, work on those. You may not be able to work on all of them at one time, but spacing them out through the year is fine. For example, I am very creative and love to make and do many things, but of course there isn’t enough time in a day to do all the things I want to do and see, or be with those that I love. What I can do however, is pace it and/or combine some of these things. Being with some good friends socialising, be it a sit down chat over a drink or at an event where we can also dance to some music makes me happy. Being arty and making something whilst listening to music, watching a movie or maybe just chatting to a friend works for me. Sharing thoughts and views with others opens new ideas and thinking. Baking with a friend as you chat – these things can be worked on even further by finding a mutual interest and booking on a ‘one day course’ to learn something of mutual interest with a friend. It allows for time to be with a friend and combining a craft that you want to learn further as you enjoy that skill.

As you go through the year and the seasons change, parties outside or picnics in parks etc, planning day trips or weekend trips can all be good for the soul. Just taking turns with others and being out of regular environment, away from daily calling of home chores, can do wonders for switching off the mind.

If of course being alone and having some space is what gives you pleasure, then work on it that you do that also. Learn to say no to others when you need to if you need some time out just for you. If you don’t look after yourself, you will be useless to others. Be at your best and you can give the best of you to others. Some people need and crave time out for clarity; clear, calm thinking allows progression in great decision making. So work on some relaxation techniques on your own or with others, that will give you great pleasure and a beautiful calm state of mind to be at your best.


Love and Sparkles

Samsara x

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