Costas Adamou aged 54 and his 23-year-old son Adam recently ran the New York City Marathon on Sunday 3rd November in aid of The Butterfly AVM Charity.  It was Costas’ fourth and Adam’s first Marathon, and they both proudly crossed the line arms aloft in just over 5 hours! And the following Sunday 9th November, Costas returned to London to attend the annual AVM Butterfly Charity dinner & dance at The Decorium in Wood Green, where he was honoured to personally collect (Adam is currently still touring in the USA) an award for most funds raised in the year!

The award was presented by George Christou and his wonderful daughter Nikki, and Costas and Adam were thanked for their efforts in raising (so far) over £1,700.

Costas and Adam would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has donated thus far, and for those who haven’t and would like to, please go to the link below, and let’s get them to £2,000!!

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