What are you wearing today? Are you in a bright bold colour or are you in shades of grey? What you purchase or wear in colour says a lot about how you are feeling from within. You may not even realize it but subconsciously, the colour you choose to wear can reveal a lot about you and how you are feeling.

It is a well known fact that artists and designers believe colour can dramatically affect our mood, feelings and emotions. Colour is a strong communication tool that can be used to signal action and influence reaction. Colour can affect your productivity.

So let’s take a look at some colour and reflection.


Grey – Can show a passive, neutral statement of wanting one to take one seriously. Too much grey can be a little too serious and can show a solemn mood, so sometimes a little splash of another colour with add an element of another emotion.


Orange – Is shown to be bold, strong, dynamic and powerful. It shows one is ready to steam ahead and take on the world. It’s ideal for those sports enthusiasts or for regaining and taking all control back.


Purple – Luxurious colour of rich extravagance; Passionate colour of love and craving for wanting more; Illusions of grandeur, wealth, authority and elegance; A one of a kind unique personality. A sign in not caring of what others think of them.


Blue – Trustworthy, natural and loyal. In touch with the natural bright sky and colour of the beautiful aquatic sea, great for calm but at the same time productive with an abundance of energizing power.


Red – Is a strong, powerful and energetic colour. A passionate colour, ideal for a date that you are enthusiastic about and want to be attention grabbing. It can stimulate the appetite and is often used in restaurants for this purpose. Also used in power sports to show strength and with authority threat of danger. Often also used for a powerful car.


Yellow – Fun, bold and very optimistic, all like that of the brightly shining sun, showing a bright, beautiful glorious day. Living to the max.


Green – is calming and relaxing like that of the fresh green grass and surrounding woodland. Green shows you need to be kept in the serenity of peace; sharing the need to keep in a natural tranquil state of mind and emotion without being disturbed.


Black – is shown to be sleek and chic. A colour symbolic of strength, preferred by empowered people that cannot be swayed or manipulated easily. It is used for giving a slim silhouette as it gives the illusion of depth and slender. Can be sinister as it shows an illusion of possible mistrust.


White – Sign of purity, calm, innocence, loyalty, bright, hopeful and welcoming wonders of the world. Showing an illusion of calm wisdom, white shows good intentions like that of angels, white doves, white snow, pure and natural.


Black and white shows the Yin and Yang, the symbolic opposites and balance of both.


These colours show a guideline of how you display your emotions and mood. It reflects to others how you are feeling. Obviously there are various shades that can change dramatically, although orange is orange, green can go from grass woodlands, khaki and neon green – this would definitely give different mood status. The grass green may be relaxed, while the neon green shows combination of the wild and playful mood, ready for fun with calm attitude.

These are just a few simple samples of colour within psychology; so if and when you are trying to make an impression for that interview or meeting, a reaction to your colour makes a statement. Check out others and reacting accordingly with behaviour to the mood can make the difference.

Whether it is your clothing, your accessories or bold choices in items bought that are seen, how you work your colours together reveal so much of your mind.

Be happy!


Love and Sparkles

Samsara x


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