The 19-year-old is held in custody for allegedly filing fake gang rape accusations against 12 Israeli teens

The 19-year-old British tourist, who allegedly falsely accused 12 Israeli teenagers of gang-raping her on vacation in Cyprus, set up a crowdfunding campaign page on Thursday in order to help cover her legal expenses, reported Hebrew and British media.

According to the British Sun, the teen’s lawyer Andreas Pittadjis quit her defense team on Wednesday after disagreements with her family had erupted.

The woman’s page, titled “Help teen victim get justice in Cyprus,” asks to raise $18,150 in order to dismantle the teen’s “public mischief” charge with a new lawyer, the Sun reported.

On July 17, Cypriot police arrested 12 Israelis on vacation under suspicion they gang-raped a young woman at their hotel located in the resort town of Ayia Napa.

Their accuser filed a police report claiming that several of the suspects held her down as the lot of them, ranging from 15 to 18, took turns raping her before she managed to escape.

However, all 12 teenagers were released from Cypriot custody after the young tourist had reportedly back down from her claims of rape, saying she filed charges against the teens because she was mad they filmed her without her consent.

Since then, British media reported that the female accuser had again back-tracked to her original claim that she had been raped. According to the Sun Online, the teen said that police had forced her to change her initial statement and held her at a police station for eight hours before she did so.

The report also said the detectives threatened to arrest her friends for “conspiracy” if she did not comply, and that she reluctantly signed a statement admitting to fake allegations only because she was exhausted from long interrogations.

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