London opposes Turkish drilling plans off Cyprus and calls for de-escalation, noting that disputes such as this are resolved through dialogue.

Asked by CNA to comment on Turkish violations in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone, through the presence of “Yavuz”, a second drill ship off the island’s north-eastern coast, a spokesperson from the British High Commission in Cyprus said that the UK repeatedly expressed opposition to Turkish drilling plans in the waters around Cyprus and “this includes drilling off the northeast coast of Cyprus.”

Our priority is to see the situation de-escalated, the spokesperson continues. “We believe it is critical for stability in the Mediterranean and for the integrity of the rules-based international system that disputes such as this are resolved, not through force, militarisation or coercion, but through dialogue and in accordance with international law” the spokesperson added, noting at the same time that London will continue to work with the Republic of Cyprus and the wider region to that end.

“We continue to recognise the sovereign right of the Republic of Cyprus to exploit the oil and gas in its internationally agreed Exclusive Economic Zone” the BHC spokesperson concluded.

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