I find it ha​rd to accept that it has been 8 years since we started to follow North London Greek Cypriot brothers Makis and Constandinos Georgio’s Karate accomplishments. Our first article was back on the 27-7-11, whereby both Cypriot brothers were training hard for their black belts in Shotokan Karate. Makis grading 1st Dan in 2012 and 2nd Dan in 2014, Constandinos grading 1st Dan in 2014. In 2016 Makis receiv​ed Gold first place at the National Karate Championships.

However, due to Karate age restrictions, you are not eligible for your next Dan grading until 4 years after your 2nd DAN grading. Therefore, to fill this gap, Constandinos (AKA ‘the Hulk’, Makis younger brother) introduced Makis into kick boxing. Both brothers split their training with both Karate and Kick boxing sports. This led onto Muay Thai, and over the last 3 years both brothers have been training 4 times a week at Northside Muay Thai Woodhurst Farm, Cattlegate Rd, Enfield EN2 8AT northsidemuaythai@outlook.com

 Under head Coach and Kru Mat, who started training Muay Thai about 16 years ago in Tottenham under the guidance and of Arjarn V, both brothers and Kru Mat had an instant connection and mutual love of Muay Thai. Makis (AKA Makis Northside) under the dedicated training and supervision of Kru Mat, compet​ed in over 20 interclubs and won 6 decision fights with only one loss. Makis ultimate fight was on Saturday 13-7-19 against defending Champion ‘Curtis Lion Hughes’, the same month as his first article 8 years ago.

Makis at 19 is now the British Southern Area champion, winning in the first round via TKO. Makis thanks all his God parent, friends and family, and a special thank you to his trainer and mentor Kru Matt, his brother Constandinos and father. Also, to an extremely respectful Champion Curtis Hughes, despite his loss and injury, insisted on personally placing the belt around Makis as seen in the photo below. Makis will now take a well-deserved one week’s rest, however both brothers assist Kru Mat in the children’s classes and are committed to them as with their own training.

Makis Northside and Hulk welcome all children to join their club, who can be as young as 4. Both brothers are committed to their sport and Makis will be training for future European and World Titles. We wish them the best.

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