CBBC vlogger Nikki Lilly recently interviewed two time Wimbledon winner Sir Andy Murray as part of her Nikki Lilly Meets series.

Andy spoke candidly about about his mental health, his recent hip injury and how break dancing helped him with his recovery.

Andy had major surgery on his hip earlier this year for an injury. Since then he has been recovering and training to get back on the court again.

The tennis superstar recently announced he will be playing in the doubles competition at Wimbledon with French partner Pierre-Hugues Herbert.

Talking about his injury with Nikki he said: “I got really emotional because I had been keeping it inside for a long time.”

“I think as athletes, we don’t like to show our competition weakness. I did feel much better once I actually spoke and was honest about it and said look, I don’t feel good.”

During his recovery Andy said he took up gymnastics and even break dancing. “I did some break dancing – which I was terrible at, so that was good fun.”

In the interview, Andy also opens up about his sibling rivalry, his fondness for a chocolate biscuit and what feminism means to him.

When Andy is competing he has to follow a strict diet, but when he’s at home he told Nikki: “I’m not very good (at eating healthily). A lot of chocolate biscuits.”

“I think actually since I’ve had kids it’s got worse (because) when we go out for dinner, we go for pizza,” he added.

Andy Murray has been praised by female tennis players in the past for being a feminist and speaking out for women’s equality. Having two daughters have reinforced his views.

“I hope when they grow up, they’re able to have the same opportunities as everyone else.”

You can watch the full episode HERE


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