History will not be reversed – The people know who the traitors and the heroes are

The Cypriot Right has neither changed, nor does it want to change AKEL C.C. Press Office, 15 July 2019, Nicosia

President Anastasiades, the President of the House of Representatives, the Archbishop, the governing DISY and far-right ELAM party chose – this year too – to honor and lay wreaths to those who attacked the Presidential Palace during the coup d’état of 15th July 1974.

The Right and extreme-right claim that they honour the coupists for the sake of “unity”.

However, unity is not forged through historical amnesia, but historical truth. They also claim that they honor these armed attackers because they were killed on duty obeying orders. However adopting this logic means that they have never sincerely denounced the content of that command, the order of the coup, the overthrow and murder of Makarios.

Besides, the Right and extreme-right people lay wreaths and honor, not only those who executed, but also those who issued the orders for the bloody terror unleashed by EOKA B and ultimately the coup d’état itself. More specifically, as far as the government and DISY are concerned, this despicable provocation against History is a very clear reminder that the Cypriot Right has neither changed, nor does it want to change.

In any case, the Right and the extreme-right of our country are deluding themselves if they believe that with their annual provocation against historical memory and our people, they will be able to reverse the history of Cyprus.

Those who were killed attacking the Presidential Palace, President Makarios and Democracy cannot – and will never – be written on the same register of honour as the fighters of Democracy, with the Resistance fighters, with those murdered by the coupists. With Sotiris Adamou Konstantinou, who was murdered by the junta officer because he refused to carry out the order to attack the Presidential Palace. With Kostas Mishaoulis, Costakis Evagorou, Nikos Flourentzou, Kyriakos Papalazarou, Andreas Kesta, Pambos and Tasos Christofi, Pantelis Charalambous, Christakis Kombos and so many other martyrs of Democracy.

The people’s memory is stronger than the syndromes of guilt of the Right and extreme-right.

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