Hair length and growth left to its own devices is determined genetically. Each individual hair strand has a life that varies between three and five years, the average growth rate is about 1.27 cm (half an inch) a month. Therefore if it was left a year, it would be about 15.24 cm (6 inches) in length.

Those with significantly long hair that reaches down the centre of their backs or longer, either have exceptionally fast growing hair, long living hair, or a combination of both. These are the fortunate ones if they like and are aiming for very long hair. Most others can grow hair to shoulder length or a little longer. The best way of achieving long hair is to keep it in the best condition possible, so having hair cut to keep split ends at bay, along with some tender loving care should do the trick.

Start by having any split damaged ends cut off. Then to keep the hair in good condition and enable it grow strong and well, eat as healthy as you can and ensure that adequate protein source is included within the daily eating regime. Protein is like that of chicken, meat, fish, milk and soya.

Eat good fats like those of olive oil, fish oil. This will help to keep the hair in a glossy healthy state as it grows. Malnourished and the hair will lack lustre, be weak and even leave you with extra hair loss. So those on weight loss plans need to make sure essential vitamins and nutrients are topped up.

Condition hair regularly and include a scalp massage whenever possible. This stimulates the blood supply that feeds the hair follicle for hair growth.

Use a good hair shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for your hair type, be it normal, dry or fine. If you are going out in the sun or in harsh chlorine pool water, apply a conditioner on the hair that can be left on throughout till you can wash out. This prevents the hair being stripped and dried out from chemicals and sun rays. Wear a trendy hair cover to protect if need be.

Tie or plait the hair into sleek summer style to avoid a rough hair cuticle and tangling. Style it up with a hair band or some hair gel and glitter for the beach or to add a touch of glamour. It may even save you from that electrical heat appliance damage.

If you like the sunkissed look of healthy glowing summer sun hair then that is great, but be careful. Think before you go and bleach your hair for that summer holiday or event. Is there another way? Can you apply an alternative light hair colour instead of the bleach? Bleach is bleach at the end of the day. Have you seen what happens to towels after constant use with bleach on? Ask any honest hairdresser and they will tell you of the damage that it can cause.

Another option is to add some brush on and wash out highlights like that of L’Oreal Colorista Hair Make-up. It comes in a range of colours for blonds and brunettes and is claimed to be transfer resistant so can be ideal for that little bit of a different look that you may want. 

We know you need to style hair, straighten, curl etc with electrical appliances, but don’t do it every day and always use protective serums and heat lotions whenever possible. Gorgeous have a super range that retains volume and bounce whilst protecting the hair. There is also L’oreal Paris Elnett protect Heat Smooth Blow Dry Spray.

Hair conditioning pack recipe – For massage


25% coconut oil


25% glycerine


50% olive oil


Apply to dry hair and massage in using gentle strokes and small circular movements to stimulate the blood supply. Apply a shower cap and towel for some heat in order to help open up the pores and allow oils to penetrate and absorb. Leave for 10 minutes. Massage once again and then shampoo out. Apply shampoo neat first for easy washing out. Then condition as normal and apply your hair products.


Happy hair days!



Love and Sparkles


Samsara x


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