It is at last summer! With a little daily dose of sunshine, be it a short walk, a stroll in the park or a little pottering or relaxation in the garden, you should look and feel more radiant than you did in those hibernating winter months. A little sun glow makes us all look healthier.

If you don’t have a little natural sunkissed glow, a little help from a bottle can still work that magic. So if you don’t get the chance to get your daily dose of natural sun burst in the summer, then use a moisturising lotion that gradually builds up a little colour. With this method, it will look natural as it is a gentle way of doing so, unlike the heavier full on colour fake tanning lotions. Remember to exfoliate and remove any dead skin cells before first application, you then exfoliate weekly to remove any build up of dead skin cells and colour to give an even skin tone.

Once you have achieved that beautiful natural looking, tanned glow, your daily make up will only need to be light and again natural looking, since the base canvas would be clear. The next stage is easy.

Make -up will be minimum but still look great. A little waterproof concealer, foundation applied in the areas only that need it, should be sufficient. It needs to be waterproof because of the heat and any perspiration, but should not be applied over the entire face unless there are severe marks to be covered. A little uneven and some freckles look natural. There is no need to hide everything entirely. I find most people tend to get away with a little concealer under the eyes along with some foundation on the chin, lower cheek area, along with the odd blemish here and there. So the nose, forehead and cheeks can breathe without make up. The trick is to have the correct blend of colours in your concealer and foundation. Using a dab and curl motion with a sponge or a foundation brush will achieve a natural desired look.

Apply a little loose mineral powder on this to set it. This is not always a necessity if you are out in constant heat like the beach or garden barbi where you will be perspiring constantly, since you may find that it may cake and run, so reserve for casual day and going out.

Next is a little waterproof liquid eyeliner because it needs to stay put in the heat and pencils will be useless for this. Apply on top eyelid and outer corner of bottom eye. Keep inner corners thin gradually getting thicker towards outer corners.

Tidy up eyebrows with a waterproof wax colour brushed in up and outward strokes; if there are any little gaps, fill them in.

Finally apply a lipstick liner to the outer corner of lips, shaping them to your desired shape as you go. Lean on the outside of natural airline to look larger and lean on the inside to make any areas look smaller. Fill in with your chosen lipstick, apply some moisturising gloss and you are set to go.

Perfectly natural looking and magical!


Love and Sparkles

Samsara x

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