The amendments adopted by the Foreign Relations Committee of the US Senate to the much-publicized Menendez-Rubio Bill unfortunately vindicate our assessment that this draft bill is transforming our country into an arena of international confrontation and endangering the Republic of Cyprus’ relations with other countries that Cyprus needs at least equally as the US.

More specifically, as a result of the amendments adopted the lifting of the unjust arms embargo is being linked to the continuation of the assumption of “necessary steps to refuse access to ports for refueling and supplies to Russian warships”.

The amendments also make the continuation of the government of the Republic of Cyprus’ cooperation with the US in the “efforts to implement reforms on regulations to combat the laundering of dirty money”.

There is no need for a profound analysis to be made for someone to conclude that with the Bill and amendments that have been approved:

  1. It is obvious that the government has indeed tied Cyprus to the US war machine given that – as pointed out in the wording of the amendments – the government is already moving to the terms set by the United States both on the issue of money laundering and on the issue of prohibiting the granting of facilities to Russian warships.
  2. The relations of the Republic of Cyprus with a very important country, such as Russia, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, are being threatened very seriously. It would be good for the government to explain to us the following. How can a multidimensional foreign policy be implemented, which the government declares it is pursuing on every opportunity, on such terms?
  3. Developments are revealing that the government is concealing many of the things that it is agreeing to behind closed doors with the Americans in order to serve the strategic interests of the United States.

From the moment the vital interests of the Republic of Cyprus are at stake with all the subsequent dangers for our country and people, the government must be accountable to the people and brief the political forces about what has really been agreed with the Americans.

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