Police are encouraging members of the public to take care and plan ahead during the hot weather over the next few days.

With highs of more than 30 degrees predicted for Saturday (29 June), it is important that everyone takes steps to stay safe and cool.

One of the most important and simple steps to take is to stay hydrated, keeping a bottle of water handy. This is particularly important if you are travelling on the roads over the weekend and get stuck in traffic. Remember, if you need to report a road maintenance issue relating to the hot weather, this should be reported to Highways England.

Everyone is encouraged to look after themselves and those around you – particularly the elderly, children and the vulnerable.

Dog-owners are reminded that their pets should not be left in their car under any circumstances. During warm weather, temperatures can reach deadly levels for your dog. Even leaving the windows slightly open or parking in the shade will not be sufficient to keep your pet cool and safe.

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