In his attempt to dispel the bad impressions that his insulting behaviour has provoked even among the voters of governing DISY as well, the President of the Republic has made his position even worse.

 He is contradicting his own words
 He is claiming that AKEL is distorting what he said, while citizens heard it from his very mouth with their own ears.
 He is complaining that AKEL is engaging in a nihilistic critique of the Anastasiades government’s work.
 But what work?

The work that has disappointed even the voters of DISY too?
The work that has overflowed the Cyprus economy with “bubbles” phenomena and filled the pockets of certain privileged cronies with millions of Euros?
The work that is carried out in line with a “get-rich-quick” philosophy, based on the “golden passports” scheme and the business of granting citizenships?

The work that is exposing Cyprus internationally without addressing the Cyprus economy’s structural problems?
The work that is being promoted through speculation which is driving the price of immovable property sky high and leaving thousands of families and young couples without a home?

The work that is deregulating the labour market, reducing consumer’s purchasing power, impoverishing the popular strata, crushing the middle class and driving borrowers to despair?
Its work that has led to the collapse of the Cyprus Cooperative Bank and disorganization of the Police force?
The work that has turned education upside down or that is undermining institutions on a day-to-day basis?

The work that is characterized by successive scandals, the systematic serving of interwoven interests and wide-ranging corruption, or the work with which the government is confirming on a daily basis with the promotion of its party interests, clientelism, incapability, bad management and untrustworthiness?

If this is the work that the President of the Republic believes AKEL is nullifying, let him wait for the people to judge it rather than offending the dignity and insulting the intelligence of the people.

And if he is trying today to back down by saying that he respects the people of the Left, he should consider how much he has respected DISY voters who are turning their backs on him today…Unless they too belong to the “zeros” who dare criticise the government of “the excelled”.

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