(Summary of Mr. Pavlides’ book in English)

The author, based on his personal experience, describes the horrible events that took place in 1974 before and after the Turkish invasion in Cyprus.

After a long-lasted period of serious differences among the Greek Cypriot citizens and the division of the Greek population of the island, a coup against President of Cyprus Makarios took place on the 15th of July 1974. The coup was organised by the then Greek military Government and the Cypriot illegal organisation EOKA B. Just a few days later, on the 20th of July 1974, Turkey invaded Cyprus to protect, as it had been said, the Turkish Cypriot minority. Therefore a war between Turkey and Cyprus had started. Cypriot government called up all the reserve young soldiers of the island in order to face the Turkish invasion. The author of this book Mr. Savvas Pavlides was one of them. Both during the period of the coup as well as during the forty – nine days period of his service as an officer of the reserve, he had been deeply involved in numerous adventures. In this book he describes day by day what he himself and the men under his command had suffered. He also gives information about unbelievable events he was forced to face although he never wanted to be involved in such tragic situations that always every war gives rise to.

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