Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania announced a joint effort to host the 2030 World Cup and 2028 Euro games.

Greek Deputy Sports Minister George Vasiliadis said that the four countries are on a “common course” that is kicking off with optimism for better days ahead for the region.

He hosted the signing of a memorandum on Saturday after meetings in Thessaloniki.

Vasiliadis’ counterparts from Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania joined him.  Serbian Vanja Udovicic, Bulgarian Krasen Kralev and Romanian Bogdan Matei co-signed the document in the presence of football federation representatives from all four countries.

“We want to show that we are pioneering, we can do things together and that the Balkans are open to change. It is a very big day for us and we are moving forward to making our dream come true,” Vasiliadis said.

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