About ‘Back to Hackney’
Inspired by real life events and the recent drastic cuts to adult social care in the UK, this heart-warming drama set in a spinal rehabilitation ward, explores one disabled woman’s journey to avoid being institutionalised by the authorities and her desperate fight to get back to her flat in Hackney!
Panayiota has been championing accessible working environments for all, by actively casting working parents, carers, and people with disabilities; arranging rehearsal times to accommodate childcare requirements of the cast, allowing actors to bring their children to rehearsals. More information about this, and the background inspiration behind the play, is included in the attached Press Release.
This work launches Theatro Technis initiative to champion women’s voices in the arena of new writing.
Tickets are only available online and we are please to say selling out fast! Please use the link: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/backtohackney

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