British Transport Police (BTP) officers and Network Rail are warning about the dangers and consequences of misusing level crossings in North London.

It follows the prosecution of dozens of motorists for trying to squeeze through crossings at Enfield Lock and Brimsdown before the barriers shut, at times causing serious damage to the crossings.

Within the last 12 months, a total of 128 drivers have been fined and given points on their license for incidents at both sites.

Inspector Stephen Webster from BTP said: “Misusing level crossings is incredibly dangerous and runs the risk of death or serious injury.

“Similar to these clips, drivers have continually tried to squeeze through the crossings knowing full well that there was too much traffic on the other side or the barriers were due to close, and all to save a few seconds.

“We regularly patrol these areas and continually review CCTV at the crossing to ensure any offenders are prosecuted and disasters are avoided.

“We also pass the details of offenders to rail companies so they can claim against the driver’s insurance for any delay costs as a result of damaged level crossing barriers.

“Our advice is simple; don’t pass through a level crossing until there is adequate space on the other side, don’t obstruct the yellow box within the crossing at any time, it’s an offence, and if the lights begin flashing never attempt to cross.”

The driver in the first clip misused the crossing at Brimsdown on 02/01 and was ordered to pay £289 and given three points on their licence.

The taxi driver who sped through Brimsdown level crossing in July last year was given six points and ordered to pay £900.

The driver in the last clip at Enfield Lock on 18/01 was ordered to pay £525 and was given nine points on their license.

Drivers who misuse level crossings can be charged with failing to comply with a road traffic sign, careless driving or dangerous driving.

Network Rail Anglia’s Director of Safety Rupert Lown said: “We would like to remind all drivers and pedestrians to use level crossings safely. The misuse of level crossings can lead to serious injury or even death.

“I am pleased the courts are taking offences seriously, and we will continue to work the British Transport Police to prosecute those who misuse crossings.

“Those caught misusing a level crossing, can face a fine, points on their licence or a claim from the train company for the cost of any delay.

“Network Rail works relentlessly with our level crossing users and the public to help make sure that crossings are used correctly. For information on how to stay safe at level crossings, please visit our website.”

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