The dates for the Cypriot Wine Festival & Business Expo 2019 were officially announced on Thursday 3 January and since then the reaction has been truly amazing and we can tell from the off that this year’s event will be one to remember!

Since January’s announcement there has been a uniquely positively charged buzz around CyWineFest with enquiries for all departments, phones and social media notifications have been pinging none stop with info requests, it’s as if we’ve been away too long, like a relative anxiously awaiting to see one’s family in Cyprus every summer!

This year marks CyWineFest’s 37th anniversary and as always there is plenty to see and do as the event encompasses an exhibition of local and Cypriot produce, goods and services, a music festival and obviously a wine festival all brought together by the cultural element allowing for the multifaceted functions to come together in such an organic way that it would be a shame to miss, thus there should be only one thing in your calendars over the first weekend of June! Many new and returning businesses have registered their interest to take part in this years CyWineFest and once all exhibitors have been confirmed an event guide will be provided to help navigate through this year’s layout. Several entertainment acts have already been confirmed but we’re not releasing all the details just yet, as the CyWineFest team are putting together the complete entertainment programme with a blend of both Cypriot and British Cypriot dance groups, singers and of course Peggy Zina as well as two lucky performers who will be chosen to be part of the line up.

The announcement of Peggy Zina has spurred on the already charged up masses to be part of the Cypriot festivities, but that is not the only reason for the excitement, many visitors will have the opportunity to purchase Cypriot goods and watch live demonstrations of traditional products made from scratch right before their very eyes whilst being surrounded in an all-inclusive atmosphere. The event caters for all age groups and due to the duration of the event, visitors have the flexibility to attend whenever it suits them, door open on Saturday 1st June at 11:30 and close 00:30 and on Sunday 2nd June doors open at 11:00 and close at 23:30 leaving plenty of time to programme one’s weekend and still ensure they’re part of the largest Cypriot celebration outside of Cyprus.

The CyWineFest team opened the platform to hear from our followers – asking the public what their favourite Peggy Zina song and the voting is has begun, so far, the top three song choices are Eimai Kala, Ego Ta Spao and Ti Th’Akouso Akoma but as one has certainly experienced in life, the polls can alter quite dramatically before deadline day! The votes are taking place via the CyWineFest Facebook event, so if you haven’t already voted, find us and place your vote!


Immerse yourself in Cypriot culture and enjoy free unlimited wine sampling, taste Cypriot cuisine and with over 100 stands and stalls there’s a multitude of products and services from a variety of different industries. Tickets are available to purchase from for both entry and seated tickets, there are also a selection of various group entry tickets for those opting to visit CyWineFest together.

There are often two enquires that the CyWineFest team are asked, although full details are available on the website not all our visitors are frequent online users, so to entry ticket holders – You will still be able to hear and, depending on viewpoints, catch the entertainment programme throughout the duration of the event including Peggy Zina’s performance albeit a safe distance away. For seated tickets – the ticket price of £25 also includes entry to the event, thus for an extra £15-19, depending on your ticket type (£6 for senior citizens or £10 adult tickets), you’ll have a guaranteed spot in our designated seating area as well as an allocated dancing area!


Keep up to date and remember to watch this weekly space for further information on how to get your chance to meet with Peggy Zina alternatively check out the happenings of this year’s festival on our social media platforms, find us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube @CyWineFest and on Instagram @cywinefest.


Credit: CyWineFest team

Photo credit:

(1) Sidebar – Design by Louis Loizou

(2) That moment Peggy Zina was announced as CyWineFest 2019’s headline act! – Peggy Zina

(3) Phones at the ready! A close up of the crowds getting ready to take home some memories- Alexios Gennaris

(4) Panaikortika (front) Assetgrove (right) and the Cocktail Bar (back) at CyWIneFest 2018 – Petros Pentayiotis

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