The government doesn’t care about the common people, but only cares about maximizing the profits of its cronies
The situation of unemployed and working people is getting worse
AKEL C.C. Press Office, 19 March 2019, Nicosia

The Anastasiades-DISY government is continuously trying to portray a rosy picture of the existing state of affairs, but the ‘Eurostat’ figures released reflect Cyprus’ terrible position. The latest figures from the European Statistical Service show that in Cyprus for every job vacancy there 10 unemployed people applicants. This is one of the worst performances across the EU.

These new figures complement the grim position Cyprus has in topping the tables in relation to increasing inequality and the risk of poverty which almost a third of citizens are confronted with.

In the six years of the Anastasiades-DISY government the quality of work has deteriorated dramatically. The number of low-paid workers and those who work in conditions of job insecurity have risen. Jobs without protection and rights are also increasing.

AKEL has repeatedly sounded the alarm about the bad conditions many working people are facing, but the government neither listens, nor is interested in listening. The government is insensitive and callous. It doesn’t care about the common people, their problems and worries. The only thing it cares about is to maximize the profits of its cronies and accomplices. That is the reason why it only deals with the granting of ‘golden passports’ and the construction of towers.

AKEL has submitted a comprehensive package of proposals for the protection of working people, the first being the obligatory implementation of Collective Agreements through the approval of legislation and the safeguarding of minimum terms of employment for all.

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