The UK Cypriot eight year old boy who went blind but still continues playing football and training with England, one year later he is also a talent at Greek dancing as we found out on a visit to Walker Greek School.

UK Cypriot Mikey Poulli from Oakwood has surprised everyone with his extraordinary football ability and his dancing skills only months after losing his sight.

He attends Greek School once a week and his day school. He has received funding from the FA for specialist coaching and intends to play B1 football for blind people. Mikey has shocked everyone with his enthusiasm to continue playing football after the shock of losing his sight.  He attends a group session once a month at Brighton Hove Albion and twice a month at the Tottenham Hotspur football of excellence.

Mikey has a twitter account where he states he was blinded at seven years old due to a rare eye disease and that football is his passion he used to play for Omonia Youth and that he loves Arsenal and that he has been scouted by England. Mickey was also invited by Piers Morgan to appear on good morning Britain in November.

There had been no hint of an eye problem until a routine eye test at the age of six revealed that there was something wrong. Later he was diagnosed with a rare eye condition rod cone dystrophy a disease of the retina. And within a year Mikey had lost his vision completely.

His father John is born in the UK and is of Greek Cypriot origin, and his mother Mimi  is of French origin.

To see his videos of playing football  and to follow Mikey on twitter press HERE


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