Getting a natural glow when the summer has long gone may need a little more work than usual, but it is achievable. The skin may lack its lustre in winter months, especially if you don’t go out enough to grab any snippets of the winter sunshine. Surprisingly, even a little walk on a cold winter’s day in the sun can help the skin keep its glow, but sadly not many of us want to venture out. So here are some tips to get our face glowing….

Let’s start with the cleansing routine. Most of us know that this needs to be done daily. In the morning, a little cleanser on a cotton wool cleansing pad may seem old fashioned, but it is actually far better as it is usually followed with an astringent or toning lotion on a cotton wool pad. This ensures that the cleansing lotion is all removed when applying the toner. Although facial wipes may be quick and more practical at times, they are best reserved for travelling or emergency use, rather than everyday use. Wipes will not give the full cleanse of a cleanser and toner.

Pick a cleansing and toning lotion suitable to your skin type – normal, dry or oily. These are designed in order to work for getting the skin back to its normal PH. Some good ones to try are L’Oreal Age Perfect, Simple Kind To Skin and Clinique.

For those that prefer the traditional facial washes, there are a number of good facial washes available that are made to keep the skin in good order. Bear in mind, a good facial wash does not have to lather up to bubble foam in order to work well. For sensitive or dry skin, try a more gentle facial wash that is used with a facial cloth and water to wash off. All cleansers and toners however should be applied and worked in small circular motions of upwards and inward movements towards the centre of the face. Try Boots Hot Cloth Facial Wash or Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser – these are great on the skin.

Of course, if one really prefers the old fashioned washing of soap, then make sure it is a perfectly prepared formula for face skin and non-drying with harsh chemicals. Clinique have a specially formulated one for the face that is mild.

All cleansing routines need a little help regularly with some exfoliating. So once a week, add a little granulated sugar to your cleansing lotion, facial wash or soap cleanser and work it in to the face by massaging in small circular movements as mentioned, then wash off. This will help remove any dead skin cells, allowing for the fresh new skin surface to shine.

Always follow with a toning lotion, and for those that like to keep it natural, use rosewater for normal to dry skin or witch hazel for oily skin.

Remember to always follow with a good moisturising cream. If applying make-up, allow moisturiser to settle and absorb into the skin for a few minutes before applying.

In the winter, try using a little concealer or foundation followed by a little loose mineral powder and multi glow pearls. There are some that are built in as one in a compact or loose formula powder and designed to give a little natural colour cover, as well as a neutralising glow by reducing any redness, hiding any perfections, brightening and illuminating the skin. This will help give that natural summer sunkissed glow.

Get glowing!


Love and Sparkles

Samsara x


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