Nikos Oikonomopoulos, one of the most popular laiko singers of his generation, has released his brand new single Dyo Zoes, accompanied with a video clip.
Following on from Tora Ti Na To Kano, which reached the top spot in the Greek airplay charts, the singer is back with a different sound.

The new single is an enchanting zeimbekiko with touching lyrics and velvety vocals that bring shivers to the spine! It was composed and penned by George Sabanis and Eleni Giannatsoulia, who have both given Nikos a host of previous successes including Pou Tha Me Pas, Triba Stin Kardia, Einai Kati Laika, Yia Kabio Logo, Ennoeite, Exetias Sou, Ora Na Pigaino, Yia Hilious Logous, Den Eisai Entaxei and others.

Catch a listen on Nikos Oikonomopoulos’ official YouTube channel.

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