Peter Andre was the surprise star on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show on the weekend.

Whilst snuggled up in bed with wife Emily, the singer was given the surprise of his life when the TV funny-man came bounding in his bedroom as part of the programme’s Celebrity Midnight Gameshow.

 After the Mysterious Girl hitmaker had managed to get over the initial shock of his home invasion, Pete was then challenged to guess the identity of Michael’s guest, hidden under a giant kangaroo costume, through a series of clues.

After some confusion, Pete finally guessed it was H from Steps, real name is Ian ‘H’ Watkins, who quickly removed the kangaroo head and gasped with relief!

Peter was also joined in his bedroom by Good Morning Britain’s Richard Arnold, a Peter Andre impersonator and Mark Labbett, better known as The Beast from The Chase who he competed against in a quiz about himself.

The best was saved till last when Pete joined members of the Figoura School of Greek Dance, including its director Iacovos Iacovou, to dance along to Zorba the Greek. The singer also showed off his Greek speaking skills, asking the dancers where they were from in Cyprus – a conversation Michael referred to as speaking in Pingu!

“It’s all taramasalata to me,” the comedian added.

Michael McIntyre’s Big Show continues this Saturday at 7pm on BBC One or you can catch this episode on BBC iPlayer.


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