Here we go again! As with every New Year, people set their New Year’s resolution; usually one of the first things they aim for is to get fit and healthy, but wait up! Before you go and sign up to join a gym at expensive costs and then realise that you are not really that into using gym equipment, you should be aware that nowadays there are other things you can do before you commit yourself to a longstanding gym contract. There are gyms that have a pay-as-you-go entry fee, rather than a longstanding contract, that may not be suitable for you. It may be work travel commitments that put many off joining a gym. However if you decide to join, there are gyms that allow you to use their fitness centres all over the different map areas that they are situated.

Let’s not mention the January enthusiasts that sign up, and within a couple of months have forgotten what the gym even looks like!

I find it quite entertaining that in January the gyms are packed, only to find out a few months later it is back to normal with the regulars. So for those contemplating on getting fit, find out what suits you before you enrol on any demanding physical exercise course.

First of all, contrary to belief, you really don’t have to be in the gym five or six times a week to see results. It really isn’t hard work to change your physique, get a toned body and be fit. What it does take is a little effort, with a keen attitude to participate in what physical activities you enjoy doing. You will then be more likely to stick to doing your activity. As an example, even when I am off from teaching my dance class, my own training will consist of only two sessions a week at the gym. Starting off with a little boxing on the punch bag and then followed by training with weights on upper body on one session, and on the other day doing a similar warm up followed by the lower body on weights, and that is it, only two concentrated sessions a week of what I enjoy, done ! It is all about good technique.

Even when competing for Miss Figure, my training only stepped up to four times a week for a few months prior to the competition.

If I am dancing, when I am out enjoying myself at parties, it is a bonus of more aerobic activity.

Find the sporting hobbies that you enjoy, have fun, and it will get you in shape, without it being tedious or hard work. See what is available that suits you: swimming, boxing/kickboxing, badminton/squash, dance classes like Salsa/Latin American/Ballroom or some outdoor hobbies like cycling, horse riding, climbing, walking or hiking. There are so many different things you can do, so combine a couple of enjoyable activities – some for strength and stamina.

If you eat sensibly regularly when your body is actually hungry, eating as natural, wholesome and as healthy as possible, you shouldn’t really need to be worrying about your weight. Remember muscle weighs more than fat, the more muscle you have, the more you have to eat to maintain it. So tone up and eat well.


Love and Sparkles

Samsara x

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