The 2019 dates for the Cypriot Wine Festival & Business Expo have officially been announced! Following the success of last year’s Bank Holiday bonanza, the team is extremely delighted to announce that this year’s event will take place on Saturday 1st June and Sunday 2nd June 2019!

Rewind back to the Whitsun Bank Holiday weekend, CyWineFest had a new month, new dates, new times and a new location, and although the overall success of the event was never in any doubt, what manifested was beyond the team’s expectations.  This year the Cypriot Wine Festival Business Expo will take place in the month of June, which was home to the event for decades.

Lee Valley Athletics Centre has been firmly established as the home of the largest Cypriot event outside of Cyprus. Having the opportunity to combine both the external and internal spaces gives a very inclusive insight into Cypriot culture and it has become one of the most pleasant experiences of CyWineFest allowing for congregation as opposed to segregation of the two spaces

Given the hot climate of Cyprus, most events, parties and social gatherings occur outdoors; Whether it is dancing in the streets, carnivals, weddings, or barbeques high up in the Troodos mountains (in designated areas of course!), or on a relative’s veranda. Although the weather in London has always been temperamental it has never stopped the Cypriots here from firing up the barbeque, building pergolas or entire ‘souvla hut’ in their gardens, much the same principal applies at CyWineFest but on a grander scale regardless of torrential rains, freezing temperatures or even if there has been snowfall, very little comes between a Cypriot and their food. Of course, there is much more to Cypriot cuisine than barbeques – kleftiko, seafood dishes like calamari, and of course plenty of pastries, both sweet and savory, which can all be discovered at CyWineFest.

Cypriot wines are gradually making their way to the UK an amazing feat considering that small producers have to compete with globally recognised wines imported from countries that have become associated with wine production. That is where our team steps in, CyWineFest provides a vast selection of Cypriot wine from many different wineries as well as many different varieties. Each year we strive to bring more variety and quantities of wines and this year won’t be any different. We delivered on last year’s mission – although every year we bring a wide variety of wines it was hard to get through the crowd to taste them, however by providing more wine tasting tables visitors had access to a greater range, spaced out all over the venue. This is something that we will always continue to encourage ensuring that visitors are given the opportunity to become part of the Cypriot wine revival.

Spread throughout London and beyond, restaurants, bakeries, cafés, community organisations and local businesses are all part of the CyWineFest experience, not only does one have great wine and foods on the menu but our entertainment program, including Cypriot folk dancing traditions that have survived for centuries, as well as selections from our talented pool of community acts keeps everyone on their toes. On top of all this CyWineFest provides the amazing opportunity for visitors to experience a live show put on by highly acclaimed Cypriot and Greek performing artists. Our past record includes Konstantinos Argyros, Elena Paparizou, Yiannis Ploutarchos, George Dalaras, Glykeria, Sarbel, Despina Vandi, Stelios Dionysiou, Keti Garbi, Anna Vissi to name a few, this year will be no different, you can guarantee that CyWineFest will put an amazing show rivaling any concert.

CyWineFest is no doubt a great day out for the family with plenty of things for adults, kids and kid-like adults, full of food, wine and music. The spirit of the event will draw you in and you’ll want to be part of the festivities year upon year, so tell your friends and families and get 2019’s dates in your diaries!

Take a good look at the wines and products we recommend, explore, review, taste, with unlimited wine sampling of a wide selection of Cypriot wines on offer, you’ll be sure to find the wine that’s right for you. With just 6 months to go until the weekend extravaganza, we look forward to welcoming you all, remember to follow #CyWineFest2019 to keep up to date on the happenings of this year’s event!

Credit: CyWineFest team

Photo credit:

(1) Sidebar photo -Konstantinos Argyros-at CyWineFest 2018 Alexios Gennaris

(2) Mr. Matsoukas at your service – Petros Pentayiotis

(3) Cypriot rose is always a popular choice – Alexios Gennaris

(4) At times the wines’ to delicious to share – Alexios Gennaris

(5) New Salamis FC London: master’s at their Souvlakia – Petros Pentayiotis

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