On Thursday 20th December 2018, in a most beautiful ceremony at Goldsmiths University of London, the Honorary Bachelor of Education was awarded to those who qualified as teachers prior to 1981.

Savvas Karayiannis born in the village of Mandres, Cyprus was one of the recipients of this Degree. He graduated Goldsmiths in the year 1960 and worked as a teacher, mainly in Primary Schools in South London.

In the written request by the university to candidates to describe memories of their time at Goldsmiths, Mr Karayiannis responded as follows: – “It is difficult for a nonagenarian to recollect events which happened sixty years ago.

He entered Goldsmiths at the age of 32 the “reminiscence bump” of one’s life span, a contributory factor that I maintained unforgettable experiences from the University’s life and ethos which I treasure to the present day.”

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