The program was first announced by Sir Stelios on 4th October during a press conference in Athens. Relatives of the 99 deceased were asked to attend the Foundation offices at 10 Evripidou St, Athens ? to apply for the 5,000 euro grant. In total 92 written applications were received, which when added to some additional ex gratia donations made to those people who lost several family members, the total sum granted reached 520,000 euro. The promise to deliver the grants to recipients’ bank accounts by the end of November 2018 has now been honoured.

For reasons of transparency, the names of the beneficiaries are published below, with the exception of those who elected to withhold their personal information. The Foundation received permission to publish 72 out of the 92 names of the deceased.

Sir Stelios commented:
“In a very tragic set of circumstances I am pleased we have been able to offer financial assistance to those who asked for it so quickly and efficiently. My sincere condolences to all the families of the deceased and kalo kouragio.”

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