Experience Cyprus like never before this summer with NEPOMAK.

NDCP and NCCT are NEPOMAK’s two flagship programmes that offer young diaspora Cypriots the opportunity to visit Cyprus and learn more about the island. Both of our summer programmes are heavily subsidised by NEPOMAK and they are opportunities not to be missed!

The NEPOMAK Discover Cyprus Programme will take place from 1 – 21 July 2019. It is an amazing opportunity for young diaspora Cypriots (aged 18-22) to visit their homeland, explore the island, participate in an intensive Greek language course, and learn about their Cypriot culture and heritage. It is also a fantastic way to meet and build lifelong friendships with people from across the world with around 50 young diaspora Cypriots from the UK, USA, Australia, South Africa, Canada and Greece taking part every year.

For more information visit www.nepomak.org/ndcp or to apply, visit www.nepomak.org/ndcp-app

Application Deadline: 17 February 2019

The NEPOMAK Cypriot Culture Tour is a 10-day trip for young diaspora Cypriots (aged 23-30). Taking place from 21 August – 1 September 2019, it gives Cypriots from across the world the opportunity to learn about their heritage and culture, and explore Cyprus through professionally-guided tours and authentic interactive experiences.

Participants will attend the Conference for Overseas Cypriots in Nicosia and hear from the President of Cyprus and other Cypriot Government officials about the latest developments in Cyprus.

For further details, please visit www.nepomak.org/ncct or to apply, visit www.nepomak.org/ncct-app

Application Deadline: 31 January 2019

If you have any questions or enquiries please email us at info@nepomak.org or uk@nepomak.org and find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@nepomak)

NEPOMAK was founded in 2002 and is a global organisation run by, and for, young overseas Cypriots.

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