Paphitis told talkRADIO’s James Whale: “The people are being treated appallingly by the people whose salaries we are paying.

“To ignore the public as they are doing at the moment and playing these political games – you do so at your own peril.”

Paphitis added that business had been “paralysed” by Theresa May’s government.

He said: “Not only has business been paralysed but this government has been paralysed in governing this country.

“Simple decisions that would help business are not being taken. Running the country is not happening, in fact the whole country, business, and our day to day lives have been paralysed by one thing – Brexit.”


Paphitis added that the Government make people feel “they voted the wrong way” because of their incapability.

“Maybe we all voted for the wrong thing because what we have shown here is that we are incapable of running our own country,” he said.

This comes after May’s government has been forced to agree to publishing its full legal advice around the EU Withdrawal Agreement, after MPs found the Attorney General to be in contempt of Parliament.

The government will publish the “final and full” advice from Attorney General Geoffrey Cox tomorrow, Andrea Leadsom told the House of Commons.

The move follows a motion of contempt tabled by opposition parties, after the government refused to publish the full version of the legal advice on the Withdrawal Agreement, as required by a vote in Parliament on November 13.
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