Haringey residents will be consulted on their council’s ambitious plans for the borough – from providing safe and affordable homes to building stronger, greener and more equal communities where our residents and businesses can thrive.


Last night Haringey’s Cabinet agreed to consult on its Borough Plan, which will launch at the end of next week.


The Borough Plan’s key priorities include:

  • Housing – A safe, secure and affordable home for everyone, whatever their circumstances
  • People – Strong families, strong networks and strong communities nurture all residents to live well and achieve their potential
  • Place – Stronger, connected communities where together we improve our environment by making it safer, cleaner and greener
  • Economy – A growing economy which provides opportunities for all our residents and supports our businesses to thrive
  • Your Council – The way the council works


It also includes a commitment to equality pledges and objectives, statements of contribution from the borough’s key partners and three pledges, setting out the council’s commitment to working better with residents, businesses and the voluntary and community sector.


Following years of Government cuts – £280 million has been cut from Haringey’s budget since 2010 – it will also ensure Haringey’s resources are used in a way that has the greatest impact for those who need it and a commitment to spend public money in a way that retains more wealth within the borough.


Leader of Haringey Council, Cllr Joseph Ejiofor, said: “Haringey is our home and we are incredibly proud of it. Our Borough Plan reflects the political priorities of our borough’s new council. It sets out the administration’s vision for creating an even better, greener, stronger and more equal Haringey. From housing and the economy, to health and the environment, we are committed to Haringey’s future. With huge pressures on our budgets, we must do things differently, and we want to work with the community every step of the way. I say to all of Haringey’s residents, this is your borough and we are here to listen. Make sure you have your say.”


The Borough Plan – 2019 to 2023 – sets the framework for the council and partners to deliver on the Cabinet’s agenda, and will take over from the current Corporate Plan, 2015-18.


Following the consultation, a revised plan will be taken to Cabinet in early 2019 for formal adoption, informing the council’s Medium Term Financial Strategy for 2019-2023.


When it goes live next week, there Borough Plan consultation will be available in libraries and online here: www.haringey.gov.uk/boroughplan


There is more information in the Cabinet report here: www.haringey.gov.uk/borough-plan-cab-report

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