Nauticools – The FriendShips is the friendliest fleet around! It’s full of cool, unusual and exciting ships and boats.
The Nauticools books are fun, exciting and educational. Every book features a different vessel, who each have their own looks, personalities and jobs to do. Find out about the challenges and adventures they face on their voyages. The bright illustrations, which appeal to young and old help bring the stories alive.
Find out where Finn the Ferry goes, what Dudley the Dredger does, about Clarissa the Cruise Liner and what Tess and Todd the Tugboat Twins will get up to next.
Finn the Ferry gets bored of sailing the same route every day, and one day decides to take his passengers on an adventure. But where will he go?

Meet the author and illustrator
Flora Metaxa is not your typical “Essex Girl”. She does not wear high heels or make up and has never dyed her hair. She is quirky, loves travelling, gardening, the sea, reading, children, and especially food.
When she was seventeen she emigrated out of Ilford, Essex to Cyprus. Here she worked for over 20 years in hotel apartments. And there was never a dull moment. She met interesting and fantastic people from all over the world.
And now? When she isn’t writing her next book, she’s surrounded by boys and their toys. Her husband, father, and two grown up sons are mad on boats, cars, and anything to do with engines. So naturally, when her eldest son went away to sea as an officer in the merchant navy she started taking more notice of the boats and ships you can see moored up along the Limassol seafront. She soon discovered that the seas and oceans are full of interesting and unusual vessels.
Flora was rushing to see a dredger one day whilst out fishing on a boat. She tripped, fractured her foot, and was stuck indoors. So, her fractured foot made her pick up pen and paper and set off on her own magical voyage – and The Nauticools were born.
You can connect with Flora and the Nauticools on Facebook and Instagram or visit to sign up for emails about new releases or to meet the fleet.
Emily Clout is a Gloucestershire based illustrator who has been drawing for as long as she can remember!
Emily grew up in a small village in the middle of nowhere and this was where her love for nature and inspiration for drawing blossomed. She went on to study illustration at the University of
Gloucestershire, and received a First-Class Honours Degree.
Emily enjoys creating her work with fine liner, pointillism and colour. She incorporates magic and detail into everything she produces.
Since Emily finished University she has worked with Flora who introduced her to the world of The Nauticools. So, The Nauticools – The FriendShips were set on paper and brought to life, creating the wonderful stories for the whole family to enjoy.
Their grand journey has sailed on from there.
Nauticools – The FriendShips series can be purchased via and

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