Our Michael Yiakoumi seen here joking with Ivan Gazidis  Arsenal Chief Executive was trying to discover whether he is leaving Arsenal for Italian club AC Milan but instead spoke about Arsenal generally.

Ivan Gazidis Cypriot origins come from his maternal grandmother who is Cypriot.
AC Milan have fallen behind their rival clubs in Italy in the rankings and their looking anxiously to revive their fortunes.

Last week, Bloomberg wrote on their website that Gazidis would join the Italian club on 1st September.

Football-Italia previously reported that the current owners of AC Milan Elliott Management founder Paul Singer’s son is a big Arsenal fan, and knows Gazidis personally from his visits to the Emirates Stadium for matches.

Obviously Ivan Gazidis has become more popular, probably as a result of the positive way the departure of Arsene Wenger has been handled so far. And the way he has handled the restructuring the way Arsenal operates.

We’ll see if he decides to take on a new challenge, or stick with Arsenal through their transition period. Im hoping he stays as I explain that he is creating a new era for Arsenal and I’m one for him to stay.

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  1. Ανδρέας Μ says:

    Did you ask him if he’s leaving or staying?
    Did he give any clue or anything?

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