“I’ve stood here for 35 years and never taken a sick day because I love what I do. We are the most useful shop around,” said George, 66.

George diversified his business as shoe repairs slumped. Gone are the days when the business was a hive of activity repairing hundreds of pairs of expensive Italian leather shoes.

“My parents always told me to buy good shoes. The young are not told that any more,” he said. The younger generation now buy cheap shoes and replace them, he said, rather than get them repaired.

The cobbler’s shop hosts an impressive array of umbrellas, shoelaces in every size, and polishes in every colour. George points to Fulton’s umbrellas, a brand used by royalty. “We have the largest range for a shop our size.” he said.

His diary, going back decades, is full of receipts from local businesses needing his services – anything from opening locks to providing security keys and fobs.

As one customer tells us: “George does it all and with a smile. I’ve been coming here for years.”

The shop is open six days a week, Monday to Saturday.

 Ham and High

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