• Confidential Hotline to stamp out adult abuse in Enfield
  • Trained staff on hand to provide support and help
  • Supporting people to speak out about abuse

Residents are being urged to use the Enfield Adult Abuse Line if they think older people or those who need extra care and support are being mistreated.

Anyone who believes abuse is taking place can use Enfield Council’s dedicated hotline, 020 8379 5212 or the Enfield Council website to report abuse of adults in the borough.

Abuse is when someone does or says something to make someone feel upset, scared or frightened; this includes financial abuse and scam traders, or when someone is physically hurt.

Abusers can be friends, professionals or family members or scam traders. The confidential service is part of Enfield Council’s work to safeguard adults.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Health & Social Care, Cllr Alev Cazimoglu, said: “The vast majority of older and vulnerable people are well cared for, but unfortunately abuse does happen and often by the very person they should be able to trust. “In Enfield reports of neglect and physical abuse are the most often reported, though many other forms exist. These include financial, psychological, sexual, discriminatory, domestic violence and organisational abuse.

“We want people to tell us when abuse is happening so we can stop these sickening crimes, if you think someone is doing or saying something which makes someone upset, scared or frightened, I would urge you to report it. It is never acceptable and never the fault of the person being abused but we must all work together to prevent this most unpleasant of crimes.

“Enfield Council have specially trained staff who are here to provide support. You will be listened to in confidence and your concerns will be taken seriously.”

Enfield Adults Abuse Line can be reached on 020 8379 5212. Abuse can also be reported at www.enfield. gov.uk. Textphone users please call 18011 020 8379 5212. In an emergency you should always ring 999.


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