We are at a very critical stage and before us we have a procedure that the President of the Republic has agreed in relation to the negotiation. Therefore, instead of talking about what preceded it, what has and has not been done, we should focus our attention on how we utilize the procedure so that we can achieve progress and at the same time we should also focus on how to tackle the potential dangers arising from it. This is precisely where we should be concentrating on if we really want to have the results that we all desire. At least as far as AKEL is concerned, we are striving to reach an agreed solution of the Cyprus problem which shall meet the requirements we have all prescribed in unanimously approved decisions. At the same time an adequate period of time should be given to citizens so that they’ll be briefed about the solution and decide whether they will approve it or not in separate and simultaneous referenda to be held. This time, however, what is needed is work, negotiation and efforts so that the whole procedure shall operate in the direction we would like.

We should focus on how we utilize the procedure to achieve progress and on how to tackle potential dangers
Statement by Stefanos Stephanou, AKEL C.C. Spokesperson
AKEL C.C. Press Office, 12th December 2016, Nicosia

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