Turkish Cypriot daily Demokrat Bakis newspaper (30.11.16) reports that addressing the 7th Bosphorus Summit Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan referred to the speech delivered at the same Summit by Turkish Cypriot leader Akinci and alleged the following on the Cyprus problem:

“Negotiations have been held for months, for years there. There is a continuous, procrastination, always procrastination, procrastination. This is [their] tactics. Do you know what? Give Cyprus entirely to us and do not interfere, they say. This is [their] target. Wait a moment, so much blood of the martyrs exists there. What do you give? Without shame, without being annoyed, they come to the EU meetings with the flag which includes the whole of Cyprus. You cannot have such a flag. There is a TRNC here. You are the Greek Administration of South Cyprus. And in the north there is the Turkish Republic. You will see this. This is also disrespect. They will understand it, they will learn it in this or that way”.

Noting that he had received a call by Greek Prime Minister Tsipras and asked him a bilateral and a multilateral meeting, Erdogan argued: “However, this issue should not be prolonged very much now. This issue should reach somewhere by the end of this year. However, if it is said that these lands are ours, their administration will totally belong to us, this issue will not proceed. They say that the hungry chicken thinks that it is in a warehouse with wheat. This is what they are doing”.


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