Hackney Cypriot Association, our ground breaking and pioneering organisation based in the heart of London’s East End is seeking committed and energetic Cypriots to join our Board. Fluent in Greek and English is desirable

Our ethos and vision is to continue working with all the Cypriot community in London and this is a pre-requisite to being a member of our Board.

Below is some of the current projects we are involved in which hopefully will give you an idea of why we need new members not only to continue with this excellent work but to progress some exciting new projects, still in their infancy. The more pressing is our Hackney Greek Cypriots Outreach Project for which we will shortly be recruiting additional staff.

  • A two year funded project providing Leisure and Social activities for people over 50
  • Healthy Cypriot eating cuisine 5 days a week partly funded by the London Borough of Hackney
  • A Peer support Diabetes project funded by the NHS
  • General and personalised advice, including advice on Cypriot and other pensions
  • A Film club followed by food, refreshments and discussions relevant to issues in Cyprus and in the UK
  • Networking with local organisations including museums
  • Our famous Cypriot Pop Up Restaurant bringing together not only Cypriots but all other nationalities sharing our culture, music, dancing and food
  • The Hackney Cypriot Association Refugee Appeal that has managed to send nearly 3 tons of supplies, including baby food milk to refugees stranded in Northern Greece
  • Working and planning new choir singing projects in Greek and Turkish
  • You can also get an idea of some of our present and past events by visiting our website www.hackneycypriotassociation.org.uk and Facebook www.facebook.com/hackneycypriotassociation
  • For a friendly and information chat, please ring our chairperson, Andreas Michaelides on 07770 468 371 or email us on hackneycypriotassoc@gmail.com


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