Hundreds of young people have signed a voluntary pledge to drive safely after Enfield Council organised a theatre performance highlighting the dangers of inappropriate behaviour behind the wheel.

Significant numbers of Year 12 pupils from across Enfield made the pledge during recent performances of ‘Safe Drive, Stay Alive’ at the Millfield Theatre.

In the pledge they agree:

  • Not to drink or drug drive
  • Not to use hand held mobile phones while driving
  • To stay within the speed limit
  • To always wear a seatbelt

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Daniel Anderson, said: “The impact of a serious road accident often has a harrowing impact on the people involved and can have life-changing consequences.

“In Enfield, we are committed to improving road safety and ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ is an important part of that commitment.

“It is therefore encouraging that, as a result of the performance, so many young people have recognised the serious level of responsibility involved in getting behind the wheel of a car and pledged to drive safely.

“Hopefully, initiatives like this will help reduce the likelihood of serious accidents happening on our roads.”

Safe Drive Stay Alive is a theatre-based education performance for all year 12’s attending school in Enfield. It is aimed at young/pre-drivers and passengers, and highlights the dangers of speeding, not wearing seatbelts and peer pressure.

This is a partnership event where members of the emergency services share real life testimonies of accidents they have attended with the audience. There are also bereaved family members who also speak about their losses.

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