Enfield Council is backing Mitzvah Day 2016 and urging staff, residents and politicians to support the North Enfield Foodbank and help those in need.

A collection cage has been installed in the reception at Enfield Civic Centre in Silver Street, Enfield, where people can donate nonperishable food until 25 November.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Community, Arts & Culture, Cllr Yasemin Brett, said: “We are asking staff, Members and residents to kindly donate whatever they can afford to help those who are less fortunate, so they can look forward to a happier, healthier Christmas with their families and friends.

“Mitzvah Day is a Jewish tradition which encourages people to be helpful to others regardless of religion, race, age, political belief or gender.”

The North Enfield Food Bank is part of the Trussell Trust, a wide network of foodbanks across the country largely staffed by volunteers.

Cllr Brett added: “Participating in this campaign helps support our Enfield Heroes campaign and by donating food or other items you’ll certainly be a hero for at least one family.”

The foodbank is also looking for people who can assist in the office; help out with or put on events; become a Trussell Trust Ambassador; get involved in talks and publicity; or can help with maintenance/DIY. Anyone inspired to help at the food bank should contact: Kerry Coe on 07826 542119 or email: info@northenfield.foodbank.org.uk

A Mitzvah is a commandment in Jewish law but it is often used to mean a good deed or an act of kindness and that is the basis for Mitzvah Day.

On Mitzvah Day, 27th November, participants give their time to make a difference to the community. They introduce people to social action, to their neighbours and to local charities setting up projects which address real needs. Led by the Jewish community, it brings people of all faiths together to build more cohesive neighbourhoods and to strengthen civil society.

Residents are being asked to donate the following non-perishable items:
Baby food, tea, herbs and spices, cleaning products, baby milk, coffee, soups, washing products, long life milk, fruit juices, tinned rice pudding, sanitary products, cereals, hot chocolate, biscuits, J cloths, instant mash, rice, sweets, toiletries for all, packet mixes, sugar, crisps, soap, tinned fish, jam, gravy granules/Oxo, toothpaste, tinned meat, pulses, jelly, nappies, all tinned food – sweet and savoury, pasta, crackers, baby wipes, cooking sauces, salt and pepper, flour.


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