Cyprus, as important as it is, is a side issue compared to the big issues facing Europe as a continent today, said James Rubin, former US assistant secretary of state for public affairs and adviser on politics and international affairs.

Speaking on Tuesday at the Economist conference in Nicosia, as the keynote speaker, Rubin also referred to US elections. After clarifying that he works for the Hillary Clinton campaign, he noted that one of candidates in the elections is “profoundly unqualified and dangerous” to become US President.

US elections matter because the world is a much more dangerous and unstable place, said Rubin.

The American President, he noted, as the commander in chief has the power to decide on nuclear weapons.

Referring to ongoing global challenges, Rubin said the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was now “a side issue” compared to the Sunni-Shia clash or the rise of ISIS in various countries, like in Syria and Iraq.

He added that Cyprus used to be the only issue of security and stability in Europe, but now there are much more serious issues that are dangerous and destabilizing, such as the annexation of part of Ukraine by Russia.

Europe is more stable than other parts of the world, but there are issues such as migration that cause real destabilization in the region, Rubin concluded.

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