Cyprus President and Greek Prime Minister stressed Wednesday that no European state should be under warranty of any country, after their meeting in Athens where Nicos Anastasiades fully briefed Alexis Tsipras on the negotiations that took place last week in Mont Pelerin, Switzerland.

The meeting was also attended by Foreign Ministers of Greece and Cyprus, Nikos Kotzias and Ioannis Kasoulides and Government Spokesman Nikos Christodoulides.
In a statement after the meeting Prime Minister Tsipras said that President Anastasiades has fully briefed him “on the significant progress that indeed seems to have been achieved” in Mont Pelarin Switzerland.

Tsipras also said that he was specifically informed, on “the substantial and crucial discussions held last week in Switzerland on the key issue of territory, aspects of property related to the territorial issue, as well as other chapters of the negotiations”.

He also pointed out that in the context of the solution of the Cyprus problem, guarantees in Cyprus should be abolished. As he said Greece is involved and actively engaged in the international security issue. “Let me be clear, that this issue can be resolved in a multilateral framework , only on the basis of an agreement for the abolition of the outdated system of guarantees for the full withdrawal of Turkish troops from the island”, he said.

Tsipras stressed that Greece has consistently supported a just and viable solution to the Cyprus problem on the basis of UN resolutions and the status of Cyprus Republic as an EU member-state.

Greek Prime Minister also noted that a just and viable solution to a problem dominant in the last 42 years is a difficult objective and a national priority not only for the Greeks and for the people of Cyprus, but also for Europe and the wider region. He added that given the crucial moments in the wider region and in Europe, the Cyprus talks gain additional importance.

He said that, as he pointed out during the visit of President Obama yesterday, the Cyprus issue is not a bilateral problem, but an international problem that started with the illegal invasion and occupation by Turkish troops of the northern part of Cyprus.

Tsipras expressed the hope that with the continuation of talks, there will be a common understanding primarily on the criteria of territorial adjustments, which will be reflected in a specific map.

In his own statements, President Anastasiades said that there would be an intensification of dialogue to solve any remaining differences and to allow time for consultations on the guarantees issue.

He also said that there is a demand from Turkey to continue to be a guarantor in Cyprus and “our position is that no European state should be guaranteed by any country, especially in the presence of troops on the territory of the Republic”.

He also referred to “conditions created”, to lead to the next stages of the process and the possibility of a multilateral conference, given that in the intervening period there will be intensification of the dialogue to overcome any remaining differences and to allow time for consultations on the guarantees issue.

Anastasiades added that what it has largely been achieved, is to ensure the necessary conditions for a single international personality, one and single sovereignty and a single nationality, as well as ensuring the necessary human rights enjoyed by all Europeans, freedom of movement, establishment, acquisition of property and freedom of profession.

The President noted that within this framework there has been progress but stressed that there are still differences, noting that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.
He concluded by saying that he wants to believe that the other side will show the same good will and understanding in order to have some conclusion as soon as possible. He stressed that Turkey`s rhetoric should be accompanied by encouragement and support of the Turkish Cypriot leader to help him overcome the current difficulties.

Anstasiades also briefed President of Greece Prokopis Pavlopoulos on the latest progress regarding Cyprus negotiations.
Anastasiades and Akinci held negotiations on the territory and other outstanding issues interdependently in Mont-Pelerin on November 7-11. Their talks will resume on Sunday at the Swiss resort with a view to reach convergences on the territorial adjustment criteria.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkish troops invaded and occupied 37% of its territory. Anastasiades and Akinci have been engaged in UN-led talks since May last year with a view to reunite the island under a federal roof.

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