Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs of the US State Department Victoria Nuland expressed here today US support on Cyprus peace process and stated that she is very impressed by the way the negotiating teams work to create a future for all Cypriot people.


Nuland was received Thursday evening by the President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades, at the Presidential Palace.


“We `ve had a very good round of consultations today. I just wanted to say that the US is extremely supportive of this Cypriot-led process” Nuland stated after the meeting.


“We come as a friend of the process and a supporter but it is very much led by these leaders” she said.


“We are delighted to be here in the middle of this very intensive period in October when they are meeting virtually every day, to have a chance to share openly with them the work they are doing” she added, and stressed that she is impressed by how the two teams are working really hard to create a future for all the Cypriot people and to create more opportunity here on the island.


She also noted that today, while the leaders were meeting in UN format, she visited for the first time the walled city of Famagusta where she saw the incredible cultural heritage and she also had a walk at the Varosha beach.


“I was I have to say very moved by what I saw there. But I was also on the other hand inspired by the possibility that all the people of Cyprus have, culturally, economically, politically with this process that`s underway now” she said.


From his part, replying to a question whether what he was told by Victoria Nuland will help the process to move forward President Anastasiades noted that the US as well as other countries try to see how to contribute in order to deal with issues not related with internal aspects of the Cyprus problem.


“And they are welcome (to do so), whoever want to influence things towards overcoming problems not related with internal aspects” he added.

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