An animal loving driver stopped to help a swan that had wandered onto the M1 in Hertfordshire.


Turner the swan rescued from motorway

The driver managed to coral the swan, with the help of some other drivers and get it into his van.


The driver brought the bird to Cheshunt Police Station, where officers named it Turner (after the name of the road the station stands on). Local licensing officer Tal Stein took charge of the situation and contacted the Swan Sanctuary to ask them to check the swan over.


Gill Walker from the Sanctuary gave the swan a health check and was able to determine that it was a healthy cygnet and that it was uninjured by its ordeal.


Turner the swan rescued from motorway

Turner was taken to the sanctuary and later released onto Seventy Acres Lake in Lea Valley Park.


Chief Inspector Ian Butler said: “We were pleased to be able to help this animal in distress and my officers took a bit of a shine to Turner. It was great that we were able to help get him to safety and I understand he is now happy in his new home. I’d also like to thank the driver for rescuing Turner and bringing him to us.”

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